Need flexibility for your shoots? Select a studio that offers adaptable shooting times to make your projects happen in your time and on time.

There are many great freelance photographers and established studios to select from, however time and again we hear from our clients that they come to us because besides our great photography, we also offer flexibility in our availability.

This is something we have been offering to our clients since the early days of Kalory Photo & Video being established and is central to our working ethics.

We know from over 10 years of experience that photography does not happen between Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.    This is why we have a high return for clients that range from international brands such as Cartier, Roche Bobois, Cos to startups by entrepreneurs who hold a day time job to finance their passion business project launches and need help with imagery outside of working day hours.

Both these sets of clients have unique needs, but they both require a studio and team that is flexible and available when the need arises.  Being flexible and available means that we are able to plans shoots early in the morning to late at night, and if needed even on weekends.  This ensures that projects that are either temporary such as window installations, or need a launch for press and pr can be shot and delivered in time for the images to be circulated and products and events to be successfully launched.

There are also instances when projects require certain type of lighting conditions.  This is especially important in window installations where a lot of intricate visual displays need to be captured in the best lighting conditions with clean architectural look to the final image.  Here shooting late at night or early morning is crucial, and for this you need a team who is available and experienced enough to do such out of office hours.

Case study 1: International brand that needed the flexibility for an early morning shoot in central London to capture their amazing visual merchandising in their main store windows:

Nespresso approached us to capture their Regent Street, London flagship store windows after hours.  Shooting time was decided based upon what would help best capture the colours of the display as well as ensuring that the images had no distractions such as traffic or pedestrians.  The client wanted zero intrusions and a clean architectural feel to the images.

The team was available at short notice and we were able to offer flexible shooting times to our client so that the images were shot and delivered to the head office in Switzerland in time for their press launch. 

Case study 2:  A startup jewellery brand that needed launch and e-commerce studio imagery:

For the jewellery brand Nikuma, both the entrepreneurial owners had daytime jobs, and so they approached us and requested an after office hours weekday and weekend shoots.  Also as a startup they were relying on friends to do the modeling of the jewellery and so for this we were again asked to do further shoots on weekends. 

We know how important lifestyle and model images are for jewellery brands.  A pack shot will show the details and design of your jewellery but a model wearing your ring, earring or necklace will help your e-commerce client fully understand the impact of your design. 

Keeping this in mind, we offered flexible shooting schedules to Nikuma as we love working with startup business, helping them to shape their vision into reality.

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