We shoot a wide range of studio photography with a specialty for shiny and reflective objects and this gallery page showcases some of our watch and jewellery photography work.

We shoot jewellery packshots, watch product images against a white or plain background, as well as model, conceptual & still life watch and jewellery photography for look-books, social media, marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for other types of great product packshots or stunning advertising images, have a look at the rest of our portfolio.

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london watch shot of jaeger lecoultre
Watch and jewellery photography for Vacheron Constantin
Jewelry creative photo set
Watch and Jewellery photographer with a studio located in London
Positioning the watches and times pieces for great impactful photography
Full level of focus stacking of photography
Diamond watch photo studio in the UK
Ecommerce jewelry product photography
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Creative image business and terms
UK Watch business product photography
Rolex Cellini Moonphase #17
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Using a medium format Phase one to shoot watch product photography
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Bringing out shine and textures in metal when shooting a watch packshot
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Commercial photo studio for watches and bond street brand
Jewelry Photoshoot
Editorial still life photography for Rolex UK
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Watch Instagram and social media picture
Jewellery product shoot for a young designer
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Fine watch photography for Backes & Strauss UK

Our UK jewellery and watch photography studio is located in Central London.

What’s the price of jewellery photography?

The same piece of jewellery can be photographed in multiple ways.

We offer a wide range of pricing from a few pounds per image. The differences in quality are on several levels:

  • time spent in positioning the piece
  • time spent in lighting
  • technique and expertise used
  • time spent in retouching
  • type of equipment used: we can shoot with a 5DMark III which is an industry standard, but can also shoot with a Phase One medium format camera for additional clarity of the stones and faceting.
  • type of piece and quality of the jewellery : is it scratched or in perfect condition? Does the engraving needs to be rewritten in retouching ? etc

A lot of designers and clients are happy with our basic professional quality level, so get in touch and let’s do a free test shoot for you.

I only have one single piece of jewellery to shoot, do you have a minimum number?

On Tuesdays (and sometimes other days too, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to check), we shoot single pieces, so if you have one image to capture, 2 or just a few jewellery pieces, this is not a problem. We will be happy to accommodate!

Watch & Jewellery photography packages

We shoot versatile stunning high-end imagery that can be used on websites, social media, for press and editorials, advertising, magazines, catalogues and POS displays.

We offer a range of prices and quality options from basic to very high-end. We adapt the lighting and retouching, so that we can match your budget.  Our Fine Jewellery photographer pays very high attention to detail, stone faceting and colour correction of diamonds, precious gemstones, gold and metals, so that your time piece, ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, diamond jewellery, gemstones, gold watch or any piece of your jewellery collection look their best.

Professional jewellery photographers in London

Our watch & jewellery still life photographer works with high-end medium format equipment (Phase one / 60 megapixels) in order to bring the maximum clarity to diamonds, pearls and stones. We have developed specific photography techniques to get your creations under the best light showing textures, precious metals and design elements.

UK watch & jewellery photography clients

Our jewellery photographer and creative still life photographer shoot jewellery and watch photo projects for jewellery retailers, young designers and high-end luxury brands. Some of the clients we have been lucky enough to work with include Chopard, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Backes and Strauss, Cartier, Rolex, Seiko, Asprey, Damiani, etc

Contact us to discuss your project 

+44 (0) 77 67 253 203 

Franck Jehanne