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We create social media campaigns and brand visual content : GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), video, pictures.

We can plan your photography & video content for instagram, facebook, twitter or linkedin ahead of time. Our goal is to create visual consistency and to maximise your brand impact, as well as your visual media production budget.

We can shoot on location (events, business or company reportage) and promptly deliver the marketing assets, so that you can quickly post them on instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other social media platforms.  We also can work with your marketing and PR team on creating a mood board and a full visual social media campaign, so that you have enough diverse and creative content to regularly post images and build your followers and have a visually consistent brand message.

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What is the price of a social media photography shoot?

Every shoot is different, but there are a few variable elements that will impact the cost of a visual campaign: the complexity of the concepts and the lighting, number of setups, the level of quality required as this impacts the retouching time, but also how well you are prepared as a brand, how clear your brief is and how fast you can make a decision during the shoot on if an image meets your requirements or not.

Our pricing structure is per hour, so if you need just a couple of images or a full set of pictures for the next 6 months, we can adapt to this.

For some brands, we can shoot up to 70 images in one day, for others with a higher level of attention to details and more complex lighting and ideas, the process is slower.

Our goal is always to work within the client’s budget, so we can help you develop the concepts so that the props selection and the shooting time is maximized to match your financial frame.

How to prepare for a shoot?  Finding ideas and building a mood board.

You can find ideas all around you, starting in the digital space.  Check out your competitors’ social media platforms.  It is always important to define what you like and what you don’t like.  That enables us to understand better your needs and your vision.

Once you start gathering reference images, it is important to organise them.  The easiest is probably to create secret mood boards on pinterest and share them with us. For example, you can create mood boards that reflect:

  • textures and backgrounds you like
  • general visual ideas
  • lighting ideas
  • colour tones
  • positioning of products or models
  • make up ideas
  • props ideas
  • pictures you really like
  • pictures you really don’t like
  • etc.

You can of course also simply put all the images in one folder or on a pdf. The goal is to get as many ideas as possible before the shoot and clarify what the final visual end-result should be.

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