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Divine chocolate
The british library
Ballantine s whisky
Roche bobois
UBS wealth management
Jaeger Lecoultre
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From a single packshot to a full creative visual campaign, we can help!


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Gold-star photography service. These pictures are fantastic! 


Business & IP Centre Project Manager, The British Library

Kalory has provided Roche Bobois with the best store photography we’ve ever had.


PR & Marketing Director, Roche Bobois

Kalory is reliable, professional and a great team of creative minds.


PR and Communication Manager, Jaeger Lecoultre


Our film makers and editors create inspiring and beautiful corporate & brand videos.

It all starts by a precise definition of the project and the creation of a short storyboard and shooting schedule keeping the key elements of branding in mind. We plan the composition of each shot carefully and shoot an extensive amount of footage to gather enough material for creative editing.

The editing phase is when the magic happens and when the creativity of the team expresses itself to the fullest. We select the right shots, the best music and the smoothest transitions in line with the brief to tell the story beautifully.

We can also work with professional musicians and create bespoke musics and soundtracks to make each video production a unique communication tool fully in line with a brand DNA.

We love creating set designs for photography shoots. 

You are also welcome to use our existing props, textures and backgrounds for your project.

Painting prop for a photography shoot
Creating set designs for shoot
prop creation
textures and colours

Brand Expertise & Visual Consulting

A Creative & Artistic Eye

Technical Skills & Attention to Detail

We are not just about photography & video.  We help businesses to create full brand concepts. We are proud to present our latest live case study.
Heating & Plumbing London is a lifestyle brand designing originally British accessories.
The Kalory team has helped define and deliver the full brand concept.  We have embedded the brand DNA into all the visuals:
  • Campaign banners
  • On-going social media visual content
  • Full e-commerce photography
  • Layouts
This is a live example, with ongoing production of visual assets to keep the website updated and social media alive.

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In a nutshell

What we do
We are a London Photography & Video Studio. We create Visual Content Marketing and high-end commercial photography & video in line with a brief and a budget, creating real commercial value and return on investment for your brand.
Who we work for

Our team of professional photographers and cameramen has the trust of small businesses,  startups, designers, as well as very established brands (Rolex, Cartier, Habitat, Ballantine’s, COS, etc.).

Over the years, we have accumulated some great technical and creative knowledge of the retail, watch & jewellery and the luxury industries and we apply these very specialist skills and know-how (high attention to detail, styling, visual merchandising, branding) to other industries and shoot for a wide variety of clients from Bond street retailers to banks, sport, furniture, home accessories or cosmetic brands,  e-commerce websites, magazines, universities, charities, tradeshows or young entrepreneurs’ project, as well as new and developing businesses.

We are a team of friendly & passionate professional photographers, retouchers and cameramen. Our objective is to create high quality commercial photography and video with a high attention to detail.
Packshot & Product Photography Prices
For packshot & product photography, we offer a range of price options.  We can shoot either with our basic or our high-end technique.  This has, of course, an impact on the images.  We have also different camera options if you require an extremely high-resolution file or more clarity.

A basic packshot is very affordable and starts at a few pounds. We will use a standard lighting set up, do the clipping path of the product and put the image on a crisp white background and finalise the product shot with a shadow or a reflection. This is relatively quick and takes a few minutes for our professional photographers and skilled retouchers.

The same product can also be shot in a much complex way. Working on the lighting, so that every element of the product is lit perfectly. This can take over an hour for each object. We will then spend up to 3 hours retouching the image.

A large range of options exist in-between depending on the quality you are after. Elements like lighting, retouching and the camera used can be adapted to meet both your brief and your budget.

We also propose an hourly rate for creative, model & concept projects.

Call us at +44(0) 77 67 253 203 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project.

Brand, retail & luxury industry expertise
Our team has a strong background in Brand management in the Luxury and Retail industries. This gives us a real understanding of a brand’s visual needs, so our images and videos are created with your brand in mind.

Our photographers and video makers have a true sense of aesthetics and a deep awareness of the visual language of photography and film making, developed when shooting fine art personal projects.

We create versatile visual assets that can be used for press kits and PR releases, social media, websites, marketing materials, catalogues, tradeshow, POS displays, as part of editorials and advertorials or as advertising campaigns.

Product photography / speciality of Watch & jewellery
Our photographers shoot packshots, as well concept and still life product photography.  We work with a range of retailers and brands (chocolate, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, fragrance, alcohol, gifts, handbags, leather goods, etc.).  We have a special focus in watch & jewellery photography and work with blue chip brands (such as Rolex, Seiko, Chopard, Richard Mille, Vacheron Constantin, etc.) and young designers and startups. We have developed specific lighting and retouching techniques for each category of products :  controlling highlights on bottles, watches, jewellery and precious metal or enhancing the faceting and colour of a precious stone. We pride ourselves in offering quick turnaround and flexible shooting times and always do our best to accommodate last minute photoshoots.
Interior photography special technics
We are very proud of our skills when it comes to controlling reflections & glares on window displays and storefronts or in a boutique with multiple and varied sources of lighting. Our team has developed specific shooting techniques and image retouching to create interior photographs with a maximum impact.
Architectural & Interior Photography Prices
For architectural and interior photography, we have 2 price options.

We call our cheapest technique “reportage style”. A photographer is alone on location and captures the space beautifully. The images are colour and contrast corrected. This is a very affordable way to get a great set of interior pictures.

With our high-end technique, we control glares and reflections.  This is perfect for luxurious environments or for spaces with a lot of glass and reflective panels, with complex lighting (rooms with darker and brighter parts, backlit frames or bright cabinets for example), retail locations with a lot of digital screens, and definitely for store facades and shop windows. For this technique, a team of 2 or 3 is on location and each image is carefully retouched.  The end result is a stunning and impactful set of interior photographs.

If budget is an issue, we can mix our 2 techniques producing a few very high-end visual assets for PR (with full control and retouching), and additional great images for internal reporting and social media.

Call us at +44(0) 77 67 253 203 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project.

Dynamic agency that works to your requirements. The team produces excellent results and is also a pleasure to work with.


Social Media & PR, Richard Mille

We use Kalory for all of our product photography and have found them to be very professional, efficient and flexible. We would highly recommend.


Founder, Rampley & Co

Very professional & friendly. They have helped us with a range of photography from Packshots to Still Life. Would highly recommend.


Marketing Manager, Niquesa Jewellery

Contact us to discuss your project 

+44 (0) 77 67 253 203

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