High-end Interior & Architectural Photography

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Shooting photographs of store exteriors

Exterior Windows & Boutique Facades

We have developed a specific technique to shoot retail exterior controlling reflections and glare that enable us to create precise and technically perfect photographs of your storefront, & window displays. You can see what’s inside the store and not what’s across the street.

Interior Photographer in London

Store & Retail Photography

Our interior photographers have an eye for detail and capture the essence of a retail space paying special attention to branding and visual merchandising. It is team work, from shooting to professionally retouching which results in great quality PR images.

University Photographer

Lifestyle Interiors

We photograph stunning lifestyle interior images for sofa and furniture brands.  From styling to sourcing a model or props, we can help you with every element of the shoot. We create versatile photographs that can be used for catalogues, website or social media campaigns.

Hotel Photography in the UK

When shooting hotels & restaurants, we always start by styling and propping the space in order to create stunning pictures that sells the property, as in the hospitality industry, the clients almost always start their experience and journey with an online photograph of the venue.

Franck Jehanne