In the past few years, we have been shooting a lot of reflective products for catalogues and advertising.  We have developed special techniques to control reflections and to get great shadows and that metal finish, that is so important to create great photographs of pack shots.

We shoot a lot of watches and jewellery pieces for young designers and high-end Luxury brands on Bond street and have been approached by Lefroy Brooks to shoot their collection of design taps, faucets, shower valves and bathroom accessories. Here are some examples of the packshots we created for them. Some were also used for advertising in magazines.  The shine of the metal is key to create that luxury feel.  It is also important to visually describe the product at its best.

advertising-shots-for-lefroy-brooks-luxury-bathroom-accessories beautiful-picture-of-shower-accessories best-luxury-catalogue-photographer catalogue-and-advertising-photoshoot luxury-packshot-photography-for-lefroy-brooks-catalogue packshot-studio-at-a-very-high-end-level shooting-packshot-with-a-medium-format-camera shooting-packshot-with-phase-one-camera shooting-reflective-and-mirored-elements-and-products shooting-reflective-surfaces-and-mirrors shower-taps-and-stainless-steel-accessories-photography steel-faucet-picture

Franck Jehanne