Alike interior store pictures, exterior boutique photography requires  some planning and preparation.

Ahead of the shoot, it is important to plan a parking permit suspension to ensure the front of the boutique is clear.  For the best photographs to be taken, the photographer will need a certain distance from the window and even if an early shoot can sometimes prove lucky with no car parked in front of the store, it is best to request a permit suspension. This can take up to 3 weeks in Central London.

A window cleaner should be booked to arrive an hour before the start of the shoot.

Any visual merchandising elements should be carefully checked to make sure they are in line with the brand requirements.

Store front shoots happen early in the morning  or late at night (if you are looking for a night look), so if you change the dressing of your display windows or your lighting design at night,  and if you have security grills or shutters, plan to have someone on site to control those elements.

If the inside cleaning of the store is planned at this time of the day, it is best to modify the cleaning schedule, as any in-store activity will interfere with the shoot.





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