Interior store photography needs a bit of planning and preparation as it often involves a few departments (PR, marketing, retail/sales and security).

It is essential that the shopfloor is made available to the photographer, even for a short time, in order to maximise the potential of the space.

Shooting before or after the store opening is best to avoid any disruption to the photo shoot, as well as to the business.

No repairs or other services should be planned at the same time. Even if it sounds like  a good idea at first to get an electrician or a painter in on the same morning to avoid disruption of the staff rotas, the store needs to be at its best when the photographer captures it, so no electricity or a ladder in the middle might prove a bit tricky to produce beautiful photographs with a luxury feel.

If the main person in charge of the store cannot be present, make sure that any special security codes and keys are available, as shooting displays requires access and control of the environment (lighting, reflections, etc.).

Prior to the photo shoot, check that all lighting fixtures are working properly and that displays, duratrans and all visuals are  up to date.

All glass and polished surfaces of the retail area should be cleaned the night before for a morning shoot or at the end of the afternoon for an evening one.

It is always good to have the visual merchandiser around, so that his/her expert eye ensures that the displays are in line with all the company guidelines.




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