Naked Wolfe, a famous brand, recently opened their incredible flagship store on New Bond Street in Central London. This street is known for luxury brands, and Naked Wolfe made a big entrance. The flagship store is spread across three buildings and has seven thousand square feet of space. It’s all about shoes and offers a unique design and lifestyle experience.

Our Role

We were asked by Naked Wolfe to take pictures and videos of the store’s exterior and interior. These assets would be used for PR and marketing purposes to promote the flagship store.

Preparation Checklist for the store front. 

Before the shoot, we made sure to plan everything carefully. We shared a checklist with the client to make sure everything was ready:

– Clean all the windows on the outside of the store.

– Make sure the flag masts are in place.

– Set up the lighting inside and outside the store.

– Have a member of the VM (Visual Merchandising) team present to make sure the brand guidelines are followed.

– Remove any unwanted items like telephones, laptops, fire extinguishers, and rubbish bins.

– Make sure all the digital screens are working and showing the right campaign images.

On the Day

We started the shoot early in the morning, before the store opened to customers. This way, we could take pictures without any people or traffic in the background. Here’s what we did:

Exterior Shots

We began by taking pictures of the outside of the store. We took different shots from different angles to show the iconic flags. To make the pictures look even better, we used a special technique to control reflections. This made the window displays look clear and easy to see. We took multiple pictures of each section and then combined them in editing to create one perfect image.

Interior Shots

Since the store had multiple floors, we wanted to capture the space in an authentic way. We started by taking wide-angle shots from different angles at eye-level. This way, it felt like you were seeing the store from a customer’s perspective. Then, we used a special zoom lens to focus on the smaller design details that were important to the brand. We made sure to control reflections when needed and adjust the exposure because the large windows let in a lot of natural light.


Taking pictures and videos for Naked Wolfe’s flagship store was an exciting project. We made sure to plan everything carefully and capture the store’s beauty from every angle. These assets will be used to promote the store and show everyone how amazing it is.

Examples of published images:

Brijesh Patel