Retail architectural photography is a delicate play of composition, lighting & final retouching.
With over 15 years of experience, we know how to expertly frame a storefront, and to draw the eye in using leading lines and symmetry to create a sense of balance and order.
We use natural light to capture the interplay between natural exterior lighting and artificial store lighting to create a dynamic and multi-layered image.  We are obsessed with unwanted reflections for retail photography, so we developed our own specialist technique that minimises reflections!
One of the keys to successful architectural photography is the ability to capture the character and personality of the building. In this case, we wanted to highlight the unique corner design element of the retail shop, capturing the graceful curve, the large floor length windows and the bold typography of the branding.  All these elements can also be highlighted in the press release and social media promotion.
By paying close attention to composition, lighting, and detail, we create images that not only showcases the retail shop but also inspire and inform anyone interested in the art of retail photography. 
Franck Jehanne