At Kalory Photo & Video we live and breathe great quality watch photography!

One of the founding members of Kalory Photo & Video was a brand manager for a luxury Swiss watch brand before starting Kalory Photo & Video.  This in-house industry experience plays an important part in the photography services we provide to our watch clients.  We approach each client on their individual requirements and the photography is tailored to meet the commercial and creative needs of the project as well as the budget and deadlines of the brand.  The photography and video team based in our central London studio has over 15 years of experience in creating imagery for watch brands, big and small.  With experience comes knowledge and we are always very keen to share this with our clients.

Designing and crafting a watch is a passion project for our clients, and, as experienced London watch photographers, we are here to help you make the right decision to create imagery for e-commerce, social media, and brand campaign.  We know the importance of a great looking website which has crisp clean images that show off the piece, as well as help your consumers make the final decision to click and buy.  We know that a beautiful watch needs related visual collateral to ensure that its public launch has maximum impact on your e-commerce and social media platforms.  This is where Kalory photo & Video’s expertise come into play.  We will help and guide you through the warren of different styles of photography that exist and advise you with what works best for your brand.  To help you with this journey, we have created this short but well-informed article that summaries the different types of watch photography, and their role and  their importance:


Pack shots are also referred to as e-commerce images.  Pack shots are usually images of the watch on a clean crisp white background.  A pack shot allows the consumer to see the product clearly and in detail.   Kalory Photo & Video’s team of expert photographers shoot all watch pack shots with specially developed lighting techniques and the images are processed by our experienced retouching team. Consistency, colour correction and quality are very important and we adapt the quality level to what is just right for the brand and in line with its budget.  For a given watch, a minimum of 3 images are recommended.  A hero shot front on, a side shot to show the depth and features of the dial, and a closeup macro shot to show some detail.  If the watch has complications or skeleton back, a rear shot is a great add-on for the e-commerce page.  A pack shot image not only fully describes the product but also help ensure that any design features are beautifully highlighted to maximise the impact on your e-commerce platform.

Packshot photographer for watches
Lifestyle Photography studio in Central London Brixton

Lifestyle Photography

Once your clean crisp pack-shots have been created, it’s time to create imagery for your product that connects it to your overall brand message and aesthetics.  This is where lifestyle images play an important role.  They allow a consumer to see themselves with your product in an inspiration shot that will be the spark to make the purchase.  For example, if your brand is about diving watches, you want to create images that will attract not just divers but also “the common man or woman” who is inspired by such activity.  The imagery would create a connection between personal desire and the piece (your diving watch for example).  These images are shot with model, and in studio or on location depending on budget and other constraints.  Our team of professional photographers has extensive experience of creating lifestyle images.   

Watch still life Photography

This set of images allows you to create context for your product without having any models etc.  Again, taking the example of the diving watch brand, you can create shots of the watch with a setup of sand, shells, creative lighting that makes it look like the watch is lying on a sunny exotic beach.  Still life pictures can help you create multiple narratives in the confines of a studio.  These shots can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.  It will depend on the visual story you want to tell your consumers.  As a central London photography studio, we have access to a lot of props and materials that can help you create this kind of images. 

Watch Photographer and studio in London
social media visual image production

Social media visual campaign

A brand cannot ignore the power of social media.  All or just one can be targeted but whatever medium you choose, it needs to be fed with high quality images so that your future consumers can find out about you.  Social media images have their own rules and they may seem daunting at first but with our extensive experience in content creation we can guide you through the process.  We are experts at creating visual content that is relevant for a brand.  We believe that creating social media content should be an organic process with inspiration and speed so that images stay fresh.   

We hope you have found this short article useful.  If you have more questions, if you would like to see our extensive prop collection or a free test-shoot, we would love to hear from you!

Franck Jehanne