A strong e-commerce presence is essential now more than ever and the past few months have proven that brands and retailers who have managed to create strong customer loyalty and interactions with their clients, have also managed to drive a large part of their sales from stores to online during the Covid-19 lockdown.  For a lot of businesses, this has meant survival.

The lockdown has definitely changed the way customers shop. Will this last?  At this stage, nobody really knows, but there will definitely be an impact. It is hard to believe that customers are going to run into stores once they reopen, especially if you have to queue up to enter and cannot use a fitting room.  You are probably better off shopping online and try your purchase in the comfort of your home.

E-commerce success and website fatigue

There are 2 vital elements to e-commerce success:

  • Make people fall in love with your brand
  • Put in place an efficient marketing funnel

Your website is an integral part of your marketing, communication, and business strategy.  Copy and SEO have an important role to play to drive traffic. 

Photography is:

  • your visual merchandising
  • your salesperson: it can show the key properties of your products, as well as how to use them
  • it also builds trust in your website and in your brand: packshots are extremely important as they are the last element that a customer will look at before entering their bank card details to finalise a purchase.

Brands and retailers who had already heavily invested in their e-commerce strategy were better-prepared to take the coronavirus hit than businesses with a very basic online presence (especially independent smaller retailers or wholesale businesses).

You can easily drive back people who have visited your website through a very targeted campaign, for example using the Facebook pixel. Everyone knows it is easier and more cost-efficient to nurture existing customers than recruiting new ones.

E-commerce professionals also know that website fatigue can set in with loyal customers when they start seeing the same visuals on their favourite website and feel less and less inspired to make the final “add to cart” click.  A successful website is a constantly changing one: re-invention, renewal, and surprises.

Remember you need to make customers fall in love, but also stay in love and this takes some work.

Digital enhancement of existing packshots

This is where Kalory Photo & Video can help. We can bring a fresh look and feel to your e-commerce website.  Our highly skilled retouching team working with our in-house art direction is now offering a new service of digitally enhancing existing pack shots into concept banners and social media assets.

We use your high-resolution pack shot files as a starting point.  We are more than happy to work on images even if they have not been shot by us. 

We discuss your visual needs with mood-boards and reference images. We will create beautiful new images for your brand, but need first to understand what you are trying to say visually and what the brand is about.  Staying on brand and creating visual consistency is important.

If you are not happy with your existing pack shots, we can also enhance them with some initial retouching.

It is always best to explain things visually. You will find below some recent examples of “before and after” our creative retouching treatment.  We offer options that range from quite simple to complex designs.  The possibilities are endless, with multiple colour, shadow, lighting, and backdrop options. The only thing you need to decide is where you want to take your brand!

This service is offered entirely on a non-contact basis. There is no need to travel to our studio and no need to send us your pieces either.  Our highly skilled and creative team creates new images following a short phone consultation with you. We then liaise via WhatsApp during the creation process.

This creative solution is a great choice for a limited budget as there is no need to shoot. At a time when budgets are squeezed, but visibility is vital, it is an excellent way to invest in your brand without breaking the bank.

The Kalory Photo & Video team is here to help! Feel free to get in touch with us anytime to discuss your brand’s visual needs.  E-mail us some sample pack shots along with some mood board ideas and we will take it from there!

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