The new Cartier temple opened on New Bond Street in Mayfair, London last December and the Kalory Photo and Video team was lucky enough to photograph the space.  

The interior designers have created an incredible architectural space. More than a boutique or retail space, the new store combines luxury living areas with a private apartment for high-end clients and different selling and exhibition areas.

The attention to detail, the materials and the authenticity of the techniques used to refurbish the historical building makes the end-result extra special.

We shot the space in the early hours of the opening day when the final touches were still being made.  An exclusive editorial in Vogue was scheduled to be released at midday, so on top of high-end professional interior shooting techniques, we had to plan for a very high level of speed in the delivery.  With a retoucher on location to manage the post-production side of the project and 3 other retouchers at the studio, we managed to deliver all the images on time for Vogue Magazine to post the editorial on their website:


Franck Jehanne