E-commerce photography is one of the areas of photography in which you can have the most extreme levels of quality options. It is also one of the most important as the purchasing decision of the potential buyer is finalised with these pictures.

You can try and shoot the products yourselves and you can find some great tips on this article about e-commerce photography. It can also be done very cheaply for a couple of pounds and we propose this affordable option at the studio.  We can also use different techniques and spend more time on lighting and retouching. A watch or a piece of jewellery can be photographed and retouched in 15 to 20 minutes, but we can also spend 1 hour or more to light the same product and spend an additional 2-3 hours to retouch it.  The final image is of course very different.

Not all products need a high attention to detail and a basic product shot is often completely fine depending on your remit, your brand positioning and the product itself.

If the item to photograph is not reflective or shiny and is relatively flat, a very basic option will tick all the boxes.  Between a very high-end and a basic shoot, a wide range of alternatives exists and we usually advise to do a quick free test shoot in order to determine what is right for you and your brand.

Here are some examples of product images shot by our studio photographer for Heating & Plumbing, a lifestyle accessory e-commerce website.

You can see more of our e-commerce product photography in our packshot gallery and you can, of course, also contact us to discuss your project.


Franck Jehanne