The luxury watch brand Breitling commissioned us to photograph the interior of their new store in Westfield London.

After 8 years of getting shooting access permits in the different British shopping centres and department store, this step is now fully part of our pre-production process.  As usual, we had to shoot before the opening of the boutique, as this is the only way for us to use our reflection control technique to photograph large and reflective glass windows. It is also much better to shoot interiors, as you also have to capture part of the shopping centre when shooting the interior space.

The retail environment is created with different materials and textures and our goal is to bring the best light on all of them. This can never be captured in one click and we are usually a team of 3 to shoot this type of complicated retail spaces.

The result is a set of beautiful image that presents the space and the brand focusing on the architectural details, the branding elements and the products. They are the perfect visual assets for PR and promoting the values and DNA of a brand.

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