Your new collection is ready.  Now you need to have it photographed to add it to your online store. You have booked a shoot in a product specialist photo studio, but what else can you do to maximise this shoot?

Here are 5 tips that will help you get more for your money when getting your packshots photographed.

Tip 1: Make a shoot list

Create a precise list of the Skus to shoot. How many images do you need for each?  Will a single image show all the unique selling points or do you need close-ups or other angles.

Tip 2: Research the best angles

A great product photographer will help you in finding the best position for each product, but you are ultimately the one knowing your collection the best and defining what your brand should focus on.  A quick research on Pinterest or looking at your competition will give you some great suggestions of which angles can show the key features of your items in the best light.

Tip 3: Get your products ready

This is the most important point, as this maximises the shoot’s preparation and the retouching time, and ultimately your budget, but also the quality of the final images.

This is not only about organising the stock by types of products (all necklaces together if you are a jewellery designer for examples), or by colours (all the darker products to be shot together and all the lighter ones gathered in another batch), even if this is important as this will makes things quicker.

The key is to make sure the products are in as a pristine condition as possible. This means having the pieces polished if you are in the watch and jewellery business, items ironed/pressed if you are selling clothes, checking all the packaging is in perfect conditions for all products, planning replacement stocks for food photography, checking that each product is without any defects, including the printed labels and logos.

Tip 4: Shadow or reflections?

A product image can simply be against a white background, but adding a nice shadow will help in grounding the product. For some industries, mirrored reflections are a classic way to display a collection.  It is important to think about it and make a decision that you are happy to keep for a long time, as you want to create consistency on your e-commerce platform and you will very most likely add products to your shopping platform in the future.

Tip 5: have your size and resolution requirements ready

Every e-commerce platform has size and resolution specs.  We can process the images to match them. We will also send you high-resolution files for your press and printed material, but if you have the e-commerce specifications ready, you will probably save yourself or your team some time.

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