Our architectural photography specialty

As London architectural photographers, we had the opportunity to shoot a wide range of properties.  Our specialty is retail (stores, shops, boutiques, department stores, shopping centres, pop up shops, etc.), but we are shooting an increasing number of privates homes for interior designers and architects or magazines. We also shoot design project for furniture, kitchen, bathroom or home accessories brands.

After so many years of experiences and such a diversity of project, our techniques have evolved for both photography and retouching.

Our key point of differentiation is our technique to shoot glass panels and other reflective surface and control reflections. We are very proud of it and have ended up shooting more than 15 stores on Bond street: IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Montblanc, Cartier, Wempe, Mikimoto, Bulgari, and many more.

Why are architectural images important?

Architectural images are important for many reasons and they can often be used by more than one department in a company. The Press office and marketing manager will definitely see a major interest in having the best pictures possible showing the retail environment of a brand or the end result of a interior concept for an architectural firm. They are also key to present the company to potential investors, bankers, but also potential new employees.

Can I take great architectural photos by myself?

You can always take a picture, but a great architectural or interior photograph takes a lot of different expertises.  We usually have 3 different experts working on a single image. A team on location (photographer and assistant or stylist) will take care of organising the space, finding the best angles, gather all the data that the retouching team will need to do a create a great final image. Our retouchers are specialists of interiors and this makes a bit difference.  We can adapt from a very natural (but still retouched) look to a more computer generated enhanced final picture, depending on the brand’s requirements. If you decide to take photos yourself, it is always important to pay a special attention to lines and try and keep some reference straight, as well as adapt to the type of building or architectural project you photograph, as this helps the viewers appreciate the space.


Building photography
Cartier Boutique photo on Sloane street

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