The product photographers at Kalory Photo & Video offers free test shoots for most products to help you make an educated decision with regards to the kind of photography your brand really needs!

With over a decade and a half of experience of our combined team, we know how difficult it is when it comes to making a decision on what level of packshot photography is right for your product.

Even though there is a saying that “its not always about the money”, we at Kalory, Photo & Video are extremely sensitive to budgetary concerns of all our clients, from established brands to start-ups. 

Business decisions are made of a complex set of parameters, mostly related to finance and customer awareness and are quite intangible.  And this is especially true of photography where there are no real industry standards, or guide books that will help you make right decision.  It all eventually has to come down to the budget and the impact you hope to make with the photography.

This is why we offer a completely free, no strings test shoot for pack shot quality assessment.

This unique service is there to ensure that you are going to make an informed decision about the photography quality you need and that it meets both your expectations and your budget.  We believe in no nasty surprises at the end of the process, be they in the quality of images or in the final budget.

Product photography shoot process

The process is very simple:

Either you come or send us your product to our Central London studio for a test photography shoot.  We are fully insured and handle our client products with the utmost care. 

Once we have the product, we would have a brief consultation with you, giving you possible ideas and suggestions on the positioning, that would work best for your product, or if you have an idea, we would happily go along with that too.

The test shoot would be carried out with a variety of lighting and equipment.  This gives you a strong idea as to the different levels of quality that we are able to produce and also allows you to see how your product looks with options in mind.

We would also use a variety of shooting techniques where you will see the impact of focus stacking (read our article on focus stacking photography here) and the different levels of retouching.

The test images are not fully retouched at this stage.  We then either send you a pdf, or if you are already with us at the studio, we put them side by side and show you the differences and considerations that you need to be aware of before making the decision as to the level of photography you need.

This unique free service is to ensure that as a customer you get the best of our expertise in making the final decision.  Regardless of if you are a startup or an established brand, when you approach us for photography, the decision you make will always be based on known parameters that you can see with your own eyes, as the resulting images need to fulfil your business needs without compromise.

If in the end you decided not to work with us, that’s absolutely fine too, but at least you would have gained knowledge in what to look for in the level of photography you need for your products.

As you will see from the examples below, we shoot a large variety of products, and our expert technical knowledge means that we can handle highly reflective and expensive objects as well as anything and everything else in between!  Discover more product photography ideas and examples on our packshot gallery.

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