We shot a series of campaign images featuring a fashion model and their pieces of jewellery for the Pravins website, a leading independent jeweller with retail branches across the United Kingdom.

The pieces selected for the campaign were all diamond and colour stone rings, earrings, bracelets and neckaces.

We shot the project with a medium format camera (Phase One) to maximise the clarity and the impact of the pictures.  The project was shot in the Kalory Photo & Video studio in Central London, UK.

Our jewellery photographer worked with the client prior to the shoot to plan the big day with a focus on model selection (hands, ear lobes, wrists, neck), posture suggestions, outfits, make up, etc. It is really important to plan a photo shoot as much as possible, as this enables to free up a lot of time to focus on issues that can come up during a shoot: in the case of watch or jewellery pieces, you can never know how a diamond will react in front of professional studio lighting and to get the best picture quality possible, it is best to allow as much time as possible to photograph it.

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Franck Jehanne