Product photography prices can vary from a few pounds to a few hundred depending on the photographer or photo studio you are working with.

At the Kalory photo studio, one of our main objective if to provide a fair pricing structure, so we try and assess the challenges of the product to shoot first and the level of quality requested by the brand. 

  • Is the product reflective or shiny? Does it have a mirror? 
  • Will the texture be difficult to capture?
  • How difficult will the colour correction be?   
  • Will it be sold at a very high-end level or will it be on e-bay or Amazon where the quality of the pack shots is less important?
  • What will be the usage?  Will it be just used on an e-commerce website and social media or will it be printed and blown up to the size of a bus stop?

So how much cost a packshot?

We usually take all of the elements above into consideration and give 2 different quote options to our customers: one for a very simple shoot and very basic retouching and one for a very high-end level where we spent an extensive amount of time positioning and lighting the product and then retouching the product image. For the basic shoot, we use a 5D Mark III camera which has become an industry standard.  For the higher level shoot, we use a Phase One medium format camera (60 megapixels) which creates more clarity and much higher resolution images. 

For certain products, the difference in shooting & retouching time can be several hours. A simple product can be shot in minutes with a basic quality level. This is especially the case if the positioning is straightforward, but the high-end version of the same image can take a few hours.  A piece of jewellery, for example, can be captured as a point and shoot image or we can spend an hour lighting it and 2 or 3 hours in retouching.  The result between a basic image and one receiving the full treatment is of course very different. The price of the packshot is as well.

The good news is that there are a lot of variations possible and we are happy to find the right balance, for our customers, between the quality they are looking for and their budget.  In order to do so,  the best is always to pop in our UK studio in London Bridge, SE1 for a quick free test shoot.  We position your product in front of the camera and explain to you what the different results will look like. 

You might decide that a cheap product shot is more than enough for your brand or you might want to upgrade. Not everyone needs or has enough budget for a very detailed high-end shoot,  but a brand should bear in mind that packshots are the images that a client will see right before finalising their online purchase.  Therefore, they are important. What’s the point to have spent so much time & energy to bring potential clients to your shopping cart if this is to bring elements of doubts with poor images of your product at the last stage of the purchase. 

In the past few months, we have noticed a change in the way brands have been allocating their photography budget. Traditional advertising images are definitely losing some grounds, while product shots and social media images are increasing their weight in the visual marketing mix.

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