We shoot regularly instagram campaigns and social media pictures for watch brand and watch designers.

The goal is to create nice simple watch images with great textures or small props in order to get a series of photographs that will help with the promotion of the brands on social media.

Our watch photographer often uses different textures as a background, as this is an efficient way to shoot these types of images.  We use, slates, tiles and stones and a good DIY store is often a good place to start.  Keeping on the lookout when walking the streets of London or during a walk in the countryside is also a good way to find unusual structures and textures.  We also use other products with stunning colours or very different textures to create a background.  The key when doing this is to make sure that the original products is not recognisable. Food is always a great supply for this types of textures.

Because of budget restrictions, social media images rarely involves the creation of a set like we would do for an advertising campaign.  For the latter, we source props and models, sometimes rent a stunning location or work with a visual artist, such as a paper artist, a sculptor or a painter.

With print advertising campaigns, we also tend to shoot with a medium format camera with a higher resolution (60 megapixels). This gives more clarity to the image. It allows larger printing options and is also more versatile allowing more cropping opportunities.

Franck Jehanne