The  New College of the Humanities in London has commisioned the Kalory Photo and Video team to create an photo bank of the different locations, students and professors part of the school in order to feed their different publications, leaflets, catalogues, website and social media networks.

best photographer in London was hired by new college of the humanities creating a photo bank for a college for their website and marketing material creating the marketing content for a brochure for a school Library photoshoot organised by the New college of the humanities lifestyle architectural shot lifestyle imagery Lifestyle photographer whose studio is based in London bridge at 82 southwark bridge road Lifestyle portraits Lifestyle shoot and photographer lifestyle shot of interaction between a professor and a student natural moments captured by photographer natural shots NCHUM photographer New college of the humanities students in action our team of photographers was once again shooting for the new college of the humanities people in action shot for NCH Photographs of the college portrait at the university for the brochure realistic and natural images Shoot for the new college of the humanities Shooting for institutions like NCH Shooting students in a university simple photoshoot Student in library photo bank images for New College of the Humanities Student studying at desk students of the NCGUM shot by kalory photo teaching picture at New college of the humanities university in london Visual marketing tool

Franck Jehanne