One of the elements that makes our agency special is that we work with Visual Artists and apply their skills and artistic eye to a tight corporate brief.

That enables us to also propose unique customised services, such as the small production of handmade books.  Our customers present those unique items to selected clients or as press events gifts during very high-end exclusive events, such as at a dinner for a few private collectors.  The Artist’s book becomes a collector’s item by itself bringing an extra value in the present (we are million miles away from a mass-produced book) and another dimension in the  gesture of giving, ensuring that the item is kept (and not recycled, like many corporate gifts), appreciated (as very special), full of emotional sense (we can create special images of the event the customer/journalist was attending), and why not collected (if your brand attracts collectors, chances are that they have more than one collections).

Because it is hand-designed and handmade, we have the flexibility to create almost any shapes or any structures keeping as close as possible to the DNA of the brand and its values.