As part of the Photo Month East London festival, Brijesh Patel, co-founder of the agency, is presenting a new body of fine art work at the Great Eastern Bear Gallery in Shoreditch.

“Halsnoy Tales” was created in September 2011 during an artist residency on the island of Halsnoy, Norway.

Since graduating from London College of Communication, Brijesh has been creating projects about the everyday life, in which portraiture; landscapes and daily observations take the central stage. For his personal work, he has received awards that include the Winston Churchill Fellowship Award, The Joan Wakelin Award from The Guardian / The Royal Photographic Society, The Light Works Residency, as well as being nominated for the Prix Pictet 3.

Brijesh also creates artist’s books from his photographic work. Some of these hand-bound book objects will also be part of the “Halsnoy Tales” exhibition.