Brand & Corporate Photography

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Exterior Windows & Boutique Facades

We have developed a specific technique to shoot retail exterior controlling reflections and glare that enable us to create precise and technically perfect photographs of your storefront, & window displays. You can see what’s inside the store and not what’s across the street.

Models & Lifestyle

We create concept driven model and lifestyle shoots. A model shoot is always team work and our crew includes talented  and creative photographers, retouchers and hair and make up artist, as well as a budget driven project manager.

Still Life & Advertising

From a simple idea to complex concepts, we bring to life your products and your business through creative and impactful imagery for your PR, social media & advertising campaigns.  We can develop the full creative concept or simply shoot it if you already have a strong idea.

Beauty & Fragrance Industry

We shoot white background product photography, as well as social media & advertising imagery for the Beauty & Fragrance industry. Our goal is to put the products under their best light respecting the marketing codes of the brand.

Institutions & Charities

We create image banks for public institutions, universities & charities. The pictures are used for their social media, website, catalogues, prospectus & PR. We capture events such as graduation & award ceremonies, members meeting, general assemblies or charity balls.

Architectural & Interior Photography

Our interior photographers have an eye for detail and capture the essence of a retail space paying special attention to branding and visual merchandising. It is team work, from shooting to professionally retouching which results in great quality PR images.

Watch & Jewellery

Our photo studio specialise in precision macro photography that will highlight all the intricate details of your watch and jewellery collections. We work with young designers and very well-known brands, such as Rolex, Chopard, Seiko, Piaget,  Jaeger-Lecoultre.

When shooting hotels & restaurants, we always start by styling and propping the space in order to create stunning pictures that sells the property, as in the hospitality industry, the clients almost always start their experience and journey with an online photograph of the venue.

Portrait & Headshot

We shoot corporate & creative portraits at our studio in London Bridge; at your offices or anywhere you choose, so that you can project the right image.  We shoot for brands and companies, as well as for magazines, such as FT/How to spend it and Forbes.

Lifestyle Interiors

We photograph stunning lifestyle interior images for sofa and furniture brands.  From styling to sourcing a model or props, we can help you with every element of the shoot. We create versatile photographs that can be used for catalogues, website or social media campaigns.


We shoot product packshot images for e-commerce and press kits. We specialise in luxury goods and shiny/reflective products : watch, jewellery, leather goods, whisky, fragrance, etc. But not only, we can photograph any products and make them look their best.


Our friendly crew will create a set of vibrant images of your event. From a high luxury private client dinner where discretion is a must to a busy red carpet event, we will capture the key moments of your brand and make them visually ready for your PR and social media campaigns.

Social Media

We create social media campaigns.  We can plan your photography & video content for instagram, facebook, twitter or linkedin ahead of time. Our goal is to create some visual consistency and to maximise your brand impact, as well as your visual media production budget.